now recommends the use of   Navalloy®   Aluminum Anodes  for boats that are used in Fresh Water.   And, for salt water use, these anodes offer an excellent, longer life alternative to zinc.   

We are discontinuing the sale of magnesium anodes and kits for boats used in fresh water, and encouraging the use of these specialized Navalloy® Aluminum anodes instead.

These are not just ordinary aluminum anodes, but a patented alloy which has proved itself to be as effective as magnesium, and at a lower cost and less impact on the environment. They are unlike the typical aluminum anodes found on the market today.
Additionally, most of our Navalloy ® anodes have a patented wear indicator, which tells you when it's time to change the anode.

These Special Anodes Work in Fresh, Brackish and Salt Water

Zinc anodes can form a coating in freshwater after a few months, which will stop them from working, even though they appear normal.  But these specialized Navalloy® anodes will stay active.
In addition, for boats stored on boat lifts or on trailers, zinc anodes can become less effective, or not effective at all, once exposed to the air. However, these special aluminum anodes are not effected by air and will work immediately upon reimmersion into the water.  This is a very important feature of these anodes.
Navalloy®  meets ABYC  (American Boat and Yacht Council) requirements for use in all types of water (E-2 - Cathodic Protection Technical Standards, July 2008)

Navalloy®  Aluminum  Anodes

The Only Anode That Works in All Types of Water

Longer Life

Navalloy®  lasts up to 30% longer than zinc, and

300% longer than magnesium

          Zinc average life = 100
Navalloy ® average life = 130
Magnesium average life =   35 
Plus,  you save a lot of money when compared to
the cost of magnesium, for fresh water use.
Benefits of   Navalloy ®  Aluminum Anodes