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Returning Products/Our Terms of Service

1. This website shall be used by you only for review of our product and/or purchase of products thereof. Any personal information you supply to us is strictly confidential and will not be sold, rented or otherwise given to third parties.

2. You agree to pay for any items purchased through this store, even if your credit card is rejected by the credit card processor.

3.  Returns are allowed, if we are notified within 14 days of delivery date, and we receive the returned items within 30 days of delivery date, and item is unused and in "new condition". You are responsible for shipping the item back to us, unless we made an error and shipped you the wrong item(s). 
Ship Returns to:  238 SE 44th Street  Cape Coral, FL 33904 and advise us by phone or email of the intended return:    sales@usazincs.com
Returns will be credited within 5 days. Shipping fees paid on the order will not be refunded. If you return the entire order, and do not ask for replacement items (such as for wrong size), there will be a 7% restock fee. If you received free shipping on the order, and the value of the returned items reduces your total Invoice amount to less than the threshold to receive free shipping, your refund will be reduced by the shipping fee that would have been charged on the smaller, original order. The current free shipping threshold is $99.00.  Also, if you return a quantity of items that is greater than 10, there is a 7% restock fee on those returned items.
If you received free shipping on anodes, because your order was over $100.00 and you return items to us that reduces your net order to less than $100.00 then a shipping fee will be assessed against the returned items credit.
If you wish to credit toward the purchase of a similar item, prices in effect at time of exchange will prevail. If you ask us to exchange and reship a different item, shipping fees apply on the reshipped item(s) plus a $4.99 processing fee.
4.  Shortage/Damage Claims:  You must notify us within 48 hours of receipt of your order, of any shortage, or damage. We weigh each box before it leaves our warehouse and compare that weight to our computer generated package weight to make sure your order is correct.  However, should a shortage occur, you must advise us within the 48 hour period. We will absolutely not accept shortage or damage claims not timely filed, due to the loss of our insurance benefit on such claims.
If your shipment or contents are damaged in transit, you must notify us immediately. You should photograph the box, showing the USPS tape used to repair the box. USPS normally advises us about damaged boxes. If the damage causes an opening in the box,  USPS will tape the box with USPS tape to repair it prior to dropping off at your address. Photograph the box and email to us. Loss of contents is only covered up to $50 unless you specifically called us to request additional insurance.
5.  Insurance is not provided automatically. You must request that insurance be added, at an extra cost, via a note on order at Checkout or separate email or phone call. If not, we have no liability for lost or damaged shipments.
6. You agree to hold USA Zincs and USAzincs.com harmless for defects in products, since we did not manufacture said products, and only acted as a distributor in the sale of said products. USAzincs.com will take back defective products and replace them at no charge. You are responsible for shipping the item(s) back to us.

7. Any and all pictures, text, content on this site is the intellectual property of USAzincs and shall not be used by any other person or company.

8.  Cancelling Orders:  Once an order has been placed, and credit card processed, you may cancel the order if we are notified by telephone by 7:00 pm of the day of the order. Once an order has been boxed, there will be a $10 cancellation fee to cancel the order. Once shipped, orders may not be cancelled.

9. You are responsible for entering your correct shipping address. We are not responsible for lost shipments if you entered an incorrect address.  If a shipment is returned to us due to your incorrect address, you will need to pay the shipping fee to resend it to you. Only one Free Shippng is allowed.

10.  We ship via USPS Priority Mail service- normally 2 day delivery to most U.S zip codes. Your shipping address must have a mail box where US Mail is delivered. If not, you must provide a PO Box to ship to.  The Post Office does not deliver to every address, as UPS does. You agree to hold USAzincs.com harmless for any unusual delays in receipt of your order, when USPS has lost or temporarily misplaced the shipment, which is very rare. We will provide you with the USPS Tracking number and shipping information for the order, and render assistance to try and find the missing order.