:: Shipping/Insurance Fees

Shipping/Insurance Fees

Shipping-within the U.S.  (including Hawaii & Puerto Rico) 
Our  shipping fees are less than what the Postal Service charges us, so you can save money. 
zinc orders  more than $99    Free Shipping in U.S
zinc orders  less   than $99     shipping fee is between $3.49 and a $11.99 in U.S  depending on your zip code.

INSURANCE- your order does not include insurance. If you want protection from lost or damaged packages, you must call us or add a note to the bottom of your order, and request USPS insurance. The cost is $2.65 up to $100 value,  $3.35 up to $200 value, $4.35 up to $300  Once your package leaves here, it is no longer our responsibility and becomes the responsibility of the US Postal Service. Loss or damage is at your risk without insurance.
We ship Priority Mail, flat rate, via the U.S. Post Office. Your shipping address must be a location where you receive US Mail  If not, please provide a P.O Box to ship to.  If a box is returned to us, you must pay a second shipping fee, even if you received free shipping originally.     
Shipping Outside the U.S   at our cost-no markup
Canada:   Priority Mail Flat Rate service to Canada-no mark up on shipping 
$24.95  for a maximum of 4 lbs of anodes-ONLY if it will fit in the Small Flat Rate Box  
$45.95  for a maximum of 20 lbs. of anodes-shipping in the Medium Flat Rate Box
$92.85  for a maximum of 40 lbs. of anodes
Bahamas, Central America, Europe, Australia, Greece, all foreign Islands:  Priority Mail International service
$35.25   for a maximum  box weight of 4 lbs. & only if it will fit in the Small Flat Rate Box  
$71.00   for a maximum box weight of 20 lbs. in the Medium Flat Rate Box 
$139.95 for a maximum box weight of 40 lbs. two Medium Flat Rate Boxes 
We will ship anywhere in the world, at our actual cost.
How We Ship
We use Priority Mail (US Post Office) shipping, within the 50 states, and territories
The shipping address you enter on your order must be a location where the U.S Postal Service delivers mail, or your order will be returned to us.  If U.S mail is not delivered to the address, then you must use a P.O box as your shipping address. 
Arrival Times
Orders normally arrive within the U.S in 2 business days within the U.S 
Orders shipped same day, or day following order placement

Returns-  Please read about costs you may incur if items are returned, in our Terms and Conditions page. You may ship returns to: 

USA Zincs  
Attn: Returns
1411 SE 47th St.
Cape Coral, FL  33904