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About Our Zinc Anodes

First, click on a zinc category on the left side of the page. All zincs in that category will be shown on the page. Then, click on the "details" tab to get a full description of that zinc anode. Click on "detailed images to see a large picture of the anode. Then add to your cart.
We sell only the finest quality marine zinc anodes and all are made to the strict U.S Mil-A18001 standard.  Please read the details section under each product for a complete listing of that product's specs.

Shaft zincs/Rudder zincs:     Camp Co. makes the finest shaft zincs in the world. They're worth paying a little more for. They offer deep allen head sockets, not those difficult to tightern flat blade screwdriver screws. They also have plastic washers on all the bolts, so the bolts don't fall out or into the water when the anode is taken apart.  And, copper contacts on the inside surface of the anode ensures good electrical contact with the shaft. The nuts are locked in place; they can't fall out. Professional divers choose Camp more than any other anode. Likewise in quality are our X-6 through X-9 Heavy shaft zincs, which are from Reliance Metals, a well reputed Canadian manufacturer.    

Rudder zincsthe Camp Co. zincs are mil-spec quality. All rudder zincs have deep allen head sockets for easy and tight installation, and locked in nuts that won't fall out during installation.

Hull Plates:    the Camp Company, and Reliance plates are highest quality anodes and made to U.S. Mil A18001 specification. 

Whichever zinc anodes you purchase from us,  you can be assured that we have already sold thousands and thousands of them, and that they are high quality products that we would install on our own boats.

We will never sell any product that doesn't measure up to our strict standards.  It's just not worth the headaches. All the zincs in our warehouses are of the finest quality.

If you have a question about any of our products,  just send an email to:     sales@usazincs.com